Santa Cruz is a world leader in the development of products for the biomedical research market, such as antibodies, bio-chemicals and lab-ware.

· Protein A, G PLUS or L-Agarose

· Tumor Suppressors/Apoptosis Antibodies · Cell Cycle Protein Antibodies

· Transcription Regulator Antibodies Homeodomain Protein Antibodies

· Steroid Receptor Antibodies

· Kinase and Phosphatase Antibodies Growth Factor and Hormone Antibodies

· Membrane Receptor Antibodies Signaling Intermediate Antibodies

· Transport and Trafficking Antibodies

· Synthesis and Degradation Antibodies

· GDP/GTP Binding Protein Antibodies

· Neurobiology Antibodies Channel Protein Antibodies

· Lymphocyte Signaling Antibodies

· Cell Adhesion Protein Antibodies

· Structural Protein Antibodies

· Additional Gene Product Antibodies

· Non-Mammalian Protein Antibodies

· Phospho-Specific Antibodies

· Expression Vectors Fusion Protein Tag Antibodies

· Chemicals

· Secondary Antibodies Support Products

· General Laboratory Support Products

· Multicolor Flow Cytometry Systems

· SIRNA Biologically Active Antibodies